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The Moment Collectors

Twenty travelllers' tales from around the World

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Authors: Sam Manicom, Geoff Hill and a further eight…
Publisher: Adventure Motorcycle Travel Books
Language: English
On sale from: 16 February 2022
Pages: 360
Illustrations: 70 Illustrations And A Selection Of Photos.
Dimensions: 20.3 X 14 X 2 Cm
Weight: 490 Grams
Price: €20.00 For The Paperback Version,
€10.95 For The E-Book.

A hefty volume, in size and weight, written by multiple authors and on shelves since February 2022.

Across twenty chapters, twenty motorcycle travellers intertwine the best moments of their great voyages. The project is steered by the undeniably experienced Sam Manicom.
The book opens with a wonderful dedication, written by American poet Maya Angelou, which immediately tells of the mood the book’s main author was seeking with this work: “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”.
Stories of fantastic motorcycle journeys come to life on the pages of THE MOMENT COLLECTORS. From the vast celestial plains of Mongolia to the African desert, from the majesty of the Pamir highway to the most remote corners of Alaska, from the intriguing land of Sinai to the surfer world of Mexico, all the way to the Argentine glaciers… we could go on, considering that this book has twenty chapters in all. The explorers who recount their greatest travel experiences hail from seven nations. Some are established authors of books, magazine articles or blogs, while others are telling their stories for the first time. Many travel in pairs, others are lone riders, while some are very experienced globetrotters — a “melting pot” that makes for a wonderful and enjoyable literary mix.

The Author

Anyone who loves reading or collecting motorcycle adventure books has probably seen at least one of Sam Manicom’s books in stores.
Sam is a traveller in the true sense of the word. His life is one great big journey.
The highlight? The feat that saw him travel to 55 countries in the space of eight years.