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The Journey

On the road da Milano all’Himalaya

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Author: Osvaldo Verri
Publisher: Dantebus Edizioni
Publication: 23 October 2020
Number of pages: 194
Dimensions: 1,5 x 15 x 21 cm
Language: italian
Price: 18.90 Euro paperback.
E-book available

The search for the soul… from zero to eight thousands metres

An epic adventure across places brimming with charm and history.
Undertaken at a time when the impossibility of leaving home makes everything even more special.

An epic adventure across places brimming with charm and history.
Undertaken at a time when the impossibility of leaving home makes everything even more special.
Osvaldo Verri, producer, successful author and long-time traveller, takes us on a reflective journey, one which carried him and his yellow BMW GS from Milan to one of the most mystical and arduous places on Earth.

At sixty years of age, what compels a person to embark on a motorcycle trip from Italy to the heart of Asia, and all alone for that matter? The answer is, perhaps, very simple.
When experience, passion, an insatiable desire to explore and a (good) dash of madness come together, people become capable of extraordinary feats.
And this is the case for Osvaldo Verri, who has transformed his creative, revolutionary and “Rock ‘n Roll” streak into a job.
Reporter, documentary filmmaker, producer, the writer of very successful TV shows, not least of which “Le Iene” on Italia 1, and, above all, a motorcyclist and seasoned traveller, Verri has never “turned the engine off” and still continues to enthral all those who follow him on his adventures. And one of the latest is an almost impossible sounding bike trip that took him from Milan to harsh lands, rich in history – from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan as far as the famous Aral Sea, majestic Samarkand, Afghanistan and beyond, all the way to the “top of the world”, the Himalayas.
Such a feat deserves, at the very least, to be documented in a book.
Hence, “Il viaggio – On The Road da Milano all’Himalaya” (The Journey – On The Road from Milan to the Himalayas), published in October 2020. Here’s a little more about it.

The Content

Rather than an authoritative description of a journey, “Il viaggio” explores the reasons why a man might take it on, the desire to examine his inner reality, to free himself from the constraints and artificial frameworks of contemporary society in order to find the true meaning of life… and also death.
And is it in this way that the everyday is stripped back to a minimum: a vehicle, a road and a destination. On the way, important encounters, new friendships, almost unimaginable experiences which, at a time when leaving home appears something of a mirage, represent a new kind of spiritual awakening.
For an audiovisual communications enthusiast like Verri, it was impossible for him not to share this incredible adventure with his followers, the extensive video and photographic content available on the Road to Himalaya[sic] Facebook page and the Nomadetv24 YouTube channel.
We suggest that you read the book while also exploring the multimedia content, to be able to “give a face” to the places and situations described on the page.
To sum up, we think that Osvaldo Verri’s journey will not just meet with the approval of adventure lovers and bike touring fans, but also serve as a source of inspiration, pushing people to get out of their comfort zone and push to discover new scenarios and, above all, themselves.

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