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Two Wheels South

a Motorcycle Adventure From Brooklyn To Ushuaia

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Title: Two Wheels South –
A Motorcycle Adventure From Brooklyn To Ushuaia
Author: Matias Corea
Release Date: May 2019
Language: Editions in english and german
Cover: Hardback
Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag Gmbh
Number Of Pages: 271, featuring a huge number of
large-format colour photographs
Price: €29.90 (price may vary slightly depending
on the distribution channel).

This book/travelogue is a useful tool for mental preparation rather than for choosing what to pack.

Pleasing to the touch as well as the eye, this volume chronicles a journey/adventure of over six months, following two friends as they cross the Americas on a pair of vintage BMW R80GS motorcycles. 

Pictures play an important role in telling this tale, with large-format photographs masterfully printed by the Berlin-based publishing house Gestalten.

This is not a guide book in the strict sense of the term, but a window onto a point in the lives of two bikers from Brooklyn, when they decided to shake up their lives with a tour lasting more than six months, choosing the very furthest point of Patagonia as their destination. The story, told through both text and images, is a compelling one which will keep readers fully absorbed in every page.
Two Wheels South came out in Europe mid-2019, with a launch at the Berlin Travel Festival. Follow the link to see the author’s introduction:
The two friends travelled south for over 30,000 kilometres, passing through no fewer than 15 countries on their motorcycles (THE USA, MEXICO, GUATEMALA, EL SALVADOR, NICARAGUA, HONDURAS, COSTA RICA, BELIZE, PANAMA, COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, BOLIVIA, PERU, CHILE, ARGENTINA). They rode their bikes through the Guatemalan jungle, the magical and desolate Bolivian salt flats, and the high roads of the Peruvian Andes, all the way to Ushuaia, the Land of Fire.
And what about the motorcycles? Not comfortable, ultra-modern maxi enduros, but rather two not-so-young BMWs with air-cooled boxer engines. The model in question is the BMW R80GS (editor’s note: once also owned by the writer of this review), which can easily be repaired in all of the countries visited in the event of a fall or mechanical failure.
The quality of the print and the sheer size make Two Wheels South a volume to keep on prominent display on your bookshelf, ready for browsing whenever the need to daydream becomes irresistible.

The Author

Born in Barcelona, Matias Corea has lived in Brooklyn since 2002, where he works as a designer and entrepreneur as well as co-founding Behance in 2006 (an extremely influential web and social media platform popular among digital creative professionals). Outside of work hours, his hobbies are guided by his passion for motorcycles, travel, and photography… a combination that inevitably leads to adventure.

The Publishing House

Berlin-based Gestalten has an origin story inspired, above all, by aesthetics and a focus on graphic design (this comes across in all of its publications, which focus on architecture, visual culture, design and fashion, travel, and modern art).
The images used are taken from the photo gallery on the website