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Authors: Flavio Ferrari Zumbini
Publisher: ISBN Services
Number of pages: 390
Language: Italian
Publication date: 6 December 2022
Dimensions: 15.24 x 2.49 x 22.86 cm
Weight: 662 grams Paperback
Price: €17.90 (print);
€9.99 (Kindle)

See every country in the world? Few people can claim this distinction, which brings this book to the attention of travellers.

The number of people who have pulled off a feat like this is less than those who have gone to space!
As of a few days ago, the book in question in now available as a travel diary in bookstores and on literary websites. It goes beyond the usual stereotype and aims to highlight the other 95% of the world, where people do not live in the big cities of the West.
The content inspires curiosity and teaches us about countries that we have never heard of before.

The Author

Flavio Ferrari Zumbini was born in Rome in 1977 and has degrees in economics and law from LUISS. After a stunning career as a professional poker player, from 2014 to 2022 he has spent his time travelling to all 193 countries of the world. Today, he is an Ambassador for Free to Run, an organisation that uses outdoor sports to develop girl’s and young women’s leadership in areas of conflict.
In his book, Flavio describes the 9 years he spent without being burdened by creature comforts and habits, taking only hand luggage, going from the -58°C of Sakha (Russia) to the heat of the Western Sahara, supporting Afghan women under the watchful eye of the Taliban, up to embarking on a container ship headed for Kuala Lumpur. Let’s not forget that he was robbed and beaten in Yemen, he was shot, he got malaria, and he pretended to be a missionary. We could go on.
This is an unusual book, which could also be an inspiration to globetrotting motorcycle enthusiasts who are always looking for new adventures and perhaps a way to give back…