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From Estonia with Love

Kariina Tšursin - Sootla and Margus Sootla

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Title: From Estonia with love
Authors: Kariina Chursin, Margus Sootla
Year of publication: 2015
Cover: Hardback
Format: 230 x 200 x 25 mm
Publisher: MTÜ Ühel Teljel Ümber Planeedi
Number of pages: 318
Price: 28 dollars

A beautiful large format photo book, the perfect addition to your bookcase.

Within its pages Margus and Kariina describe the epic motorcycle journey that took them to all five continents, keeping them away from home for 1,126 days.
Just over three years.

They crossed Europe, South and North America, Australia, Asia and Africa by motorbike. They suffered from altitude sickness in Bolivia, got malaria in Mali, ate live shrimp in Thailand and spent 12 days in a no-man’s land between Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They were escorted by policemen under the influence of drugs in the Yemen and evacuated by members of the Pakistani army… and we could go on. Basically, plenty of adventures, some of them dangerous, that deserved to end up within the pages of a wonderful travel book.
The couple arrived back home in 2011 but the first edition of “From Estonia with Love” was only published in 2015, in English. So basically, the time taken to create it actually exceeded the time it took to complete the journey. Despite this delay, the contents have not lost their edge; the book has also been published in Estonian, and was very well received by enthusiasts, receiving the award for “Travel Book of the Year” from top travel magazine Go Reisiajakiri.
Let’s look at a few more numbers: during their journey Margus and Kariina visited 70 countries and travelled more than 170 thousand kilometres. The bike they used for the trip was a BMW R1100GS (with 50 thousand kms on the clock before setting off…). Another number concerns falls, at least 50 they say, but that never stopped them from continuing with their adventure.
From Estonia with Love is a volume that successfully brings together large format images (Margus is the photographer) and is of a clarity that is seldom seen in the motorcycle journey segment. The graphic project is accurate and easy to perceive, with clear separations between the Continents, and has an iconographic hierarchy that supports the text accurately.