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The Furthest Points

Motorcycle Travels Through Spain and Portugal

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Title: The Furthest Points:
Motorcycle Travels Through Spain and Portugal
Author: Andy Hewitt
Pages: 256
Editor: Published independently in May 2019
Languages: English
Format: 15.20 x 22.80 cm
Official price: €11.99 for the paperback,
€4 for the Kindle version. Purchase online.

A new travelogue featuring Spain and Portugal, two highly popular countries for motorcyclists,
for which this volume might uncover previously unknown ideas.

Well written (reviews by those who have read it are all ‘5 star’), The Furthest Points describes a 24-day tour undertaken by author Andy Hewitt and wife Kim. Aiming to discover the furthest points on the Iberian Peninsula worthy of a visit on two wheels, their journey is enlivened by good weather, breathtaking scenery and delicious food.
What else could you possibly want?

Split into daily chapters, the book opens with “THE PLAN”, immediately setting out a “memorable” route starting in San Pedro de Alicante, just outside Marbella (Spain): 44 km long, it offers stupendous bends, cliffs that flank glorious panoramas out onto the valley, canyons, mountainous peaks and more.
The author enriches the tale of the daily routes (the longest, 506 km, includes the above route and comes to an end in Ronda, a small town perched atop Spanish territory) with all kinds of information, from the nicest roads and places worth stopping, to technical advice, and so on. In essence, the literary structure chosen is a chronicle with a journal spin; the author’s writing style is entertaining and lively, and never misses a beat. The elements used to properly plan a journey are all there, and many of the places spoken of seem previously unknown, even to us explorers, who know the region very well. Quite frankly, we believe the book’s style would also be enjoyed by armchair travellers.

Some figures taken from the book:

4,670 km travelled over a total of 24 days
506 km, the longest daily route
275 km, the daily average, also considering the (7) days of rest off the saddle
€133, the most expensive hotel
€42, the cheapest hotel
€362, the total cost of fuel

About Andy Hewitt

Andy was born in the United Kingdom and has lived and worked in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. From a young age, he knew that he would be a motorcyclist. Some of his earliest memories involve him sat in his father’s sidecar or on the tank of his BSA Bantam. His desire to ride was so strong that he couldn’t wait until the proper age for a licence… thankfully without any consequences!
Throughout his life he has owned many different motorcycles, including 5 Harley Davidsons. He has travelled by motorcycle in eighteen countries and very often on those occasions was accompanied by his wife, Kim.