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Motorcycle travel medical checklist

Preparing for Your Motorcycle Adventure Medical Needs

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Motorcycle Travel Medical Checklist

Preparing for Your Motorcycle Adventure Medical Needs

Preparing for Your Motorcycle Adventure Medical Needs
A useful 2018 booklet, part of a series (super cheap) made by RIDE ADVENTURES, a well-known US organization based in Oregon, specialized in organizing motorcycle tours all over the world. The technical staff wanted to make their experience “black on white” available through travel tips, planning, lists, etc. Our attention has been drawn to the title dedicated to how to start “equipped” even from the medical point of view.

Available exclusively in digital format at a cost of less than 1 euro (this also applies to the other three titles available) Motorcycle Travel Medical Checklist helps motorcyclists – says the author – to stay healthy and happy during their journeys “on the road”.
This pocket e-book contains the guidelines compiled by a qualified doctor and … motorcyclist: for years he has followed tours on two wheels and often dealt with situations of various kinds, related to health and hygiene.
This is a “general” guide: the medical needs vary from person to person and therefore the choice of drugs is discretionary. But what you find here is still useful.
Topics covered range from how to protect yourself safely and effectively from insects, mosquitoes, etc. the need to constantly monitor the state of hands and feet, especially over long distances, how to deal with malaria and dengue fever, how to avoid mistakes on the use of drugs (for example, certain painkillers can become dangerous in the presence of certain symptoms or diseases).

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