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Title: Long Way Up – The Great Adventure
Author: Massimo (Ciocio) Horse
Year of publication: 31 July 2014
Publisher: Ultra
Necklace: Ultra sport
Language: Italian
Pages: 187

The Planet Within Reach of (two) Wheels

Expert “globetrotter” and motorcyclist by profession, Massimo (Ciocio) Cavallo tells in his books the most fascinating aspects of a motorcycle journey, which are often hidden behind seemingly insignificant moments and, above all, encounters capable of changing every perspective.
In his third volume “Long Way Up”, the author narrates impressions, anecdotes and experiences living away from home, riding his BMW.

Passion, competence, irony and an excellent narrative ability are the ingredients that make Ciocio Cavallo’s volumes true “diaries of life”, capable of being appreciated not only by lovers of two wheels, but by all those who dream of faraway destinations.
Always “passionate about traveling by motorcycle, and not the bike”, Ciocio (Massimo at the registry office) began to travel as soon as he received his license, so much so that at the age of 30 he had already “conquered” many corners of the planet. To push him, an insatiable curiosity to know and live a daily life different from his own.
At a certain point of this path Ciocio managed to transform his great passion into a job, for which he still feels privileged: today he organizes and follows itineraries on two wheels all over the world.

“Reliving the same sensations through the eyes and emotions of his clients is certainly the greatest profit in doing this job, especially for those who, like me, are not an entrepreneur but a dreamer.”

What makes the reading particularly interesting is the author’s ability to enhance and highlight aspects of the trip that are usually considered “secondary”, if not even annoying: the stops for gasoline or to change a flat tire, the passage of customs, waiting.
Moments that allowed him to meet extraordinary people and listen to their stories, true roots of a culture and a land.
A real fixed point in the adventures that Ciocio tells in his books is the motorcycle, which he represents not only “a means of transport, but the means of transport”, capable of offering freedom of movement and immersion in the surrounding environment practically unique.

In the pages of “Long Way Up”, the author’s third literary effort (the other two volumes are “Destination NWSE” and “The World Under Two Wheels”), space is given to the differences between travelling alone rather than with other people, and how the anxiety of departure is multiplied, as well as expectations. What doesn’t change is the need to leave on the saddle of one’s own bike and to know more and more about the world around us.

Finally, we leave you with the preface of the book, written by the director of Mototurismo Tiziano Cantatore: “Travelling can be fun, a holiday, a profession or a great passion”, but for Ciocio it is a real philosophy of life. He has always travelled only by motorcycle, “because the things that happen, the people you meet and the places you see take on a different, special meaning”. Very often, then, the sense of travel is the journey itself, the need to get back in the saddle, to abandon for some time the itineraries of everyday life and go far away. Ciocio Cavallo is a reference figure for all motorcycling enthusiasts, he has been collaborating for years with the magazine “Mototurismo” and from September he will also run his own programme on Sky dedicated to adventure travel. He defines himself as a rich and lucky man, rich because traveling has allowed him to know countries, cultures and people of all kinds that have given him extraordinary moments, lucky because for years traveling by motorcycle has become his profession. Since 1989, the year he started travelling, he has reached almost every corner of the planet: from South America to Africa, from North Europe to Asia. From these journeys the idea of the book was born: to share with everyone, motorcyclists and not, his experiences and his incredible adventures, before going back on the road again”.