ROAD ANGELS – Arctic Dream…
On a Harley-Davidson

di Eric Lobo

We are always looking for original, adventurous and passionate “travel diaries” without borders… and we recently stumbled across a volume that really intrigued us. Called “Road Angles Arctic Dream”, it talks about a 50,000km tour of the Northern Hemisphere in the saddle of an H-D Dyna. To tell us all about it is the author himself: Eric Lobo, photographer, writer… really is an extraordinary testimonial of the two-wheel travelling world.

During the course of one’s life, sometimes certain events push us to radically change. Events lead people to leave everything behind and flee, travelling to discover the world.
Eric did it in 2011, riding an H-D Road King, and discovered that he loved the lifestyle. His journey is told in the book “ROAD ANGELS Mon tour du Monde” but this is only the starting point. In 2014, the nostalgia and support from his Father pushed him back into the saddle. “I was in Provence with my Father,” says Eric, “waiting for the day of his heart operation. We have always shared everything together. He was the only one to know my plan to join the Arctic Ocean by motorcycle and he always pushed me to live up to my dream. He died 13 days after the operation and this journey is my way of honoring him, thanking him for having made me into the man that I am. ”

Through the pages of the large volume (recently available) under the title ROAD ANGELS Arctic Dream, Eric recounts his second journey around the world through the medium of photography and the images are amazing! The journey takes place on the 1st June 2015, following the routes that remind us of another adventure, that of Manu and Ivana during their Around Gaia project: travelling without maps or GPS and without credit cards, looking for solidarity and generosity from the people they met throughout the journey. This time, the two-wheeled star, is also a type of Milwaukeean, an H-D Dyna, equipped ad hoc to deal with polar temperatures and travel on the ice of the Arctic Sea. The trip begins in Gibraltar, the direction to follow is the one leading to the Bering Strait. At the end, the distance covered is around 50,000km, all in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe, including the slopes of Canada in the winter. There is a video available showing the extraordinary nature of this endeavour. You can find it by clicking on the following link: Eric’s new book is exclusively distributed via web by Editions Old Skull (

Title: ROAD ANGELS – Arctic Dreams
Author: Eric Lobo (
Publishing house: Editions OLD SKULL
135 Impasse des Rabassières 83470 Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume
Language: French, English version available from July 2017.
Number of pages: 384, softcover
Format: 21×30 cm
Number of photos: 480 coloured images
Weight: over 2 kg
Price: 39,90 euro




ERIC LOBO – Beyond Adventure (Biography)

A great adventurer, a man of many facets, a sensitive artist, a businessman, a photographer, a writer, a father, an unshakable friend, a biker who is extremely resilient and able to rise from ashes, as he did in 2010 after a profound crisis.Eric is definitely an unusual character, to the point of pushing a novelist to contact him with an offer to make her pen available to track his biography.Let’s talk about the Portuguese writer Ana Amorim Dias.Everything was born in 2013 from a picture: Eric’s self-portrait, which according to Ana emanates an inexplicable aura, the prototype of the real man she has always sought after, with an exuberant and extraordinary charm.Before Eric embarks on the second round of his world adventures, Ana’s pen recounts, like an adventure novel, a memorable path to life, inviting readers to do the same with their dreams before they are lost forever.



In order to better understand who “is in front of us”, we’d like to add that Eric, in addition to the two volumes of ROAD ANGELS, has put his signature to numerous “ethno-photographic” books. All titles are available via the EDITIONS OLD SKULL PUBLISHING website.

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